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September 20, 2001, 13:06
HI all, still fighting with the L1A1 build on the dsa group buy. It just LOVES to extract a spent case and flip it end for end and jam it ontop of a chambering round. The only thing left to question is that the tapco piston is about 1/8" shorter than the one that came with the kit, the kit piston sits about 1/8" into the receiver, the stock is very nearly flush. Could this mess up the timing that badly? The jamming problem still occurs with the stock piston but to a much lower degree. Its NOT a gas probelm, it functions fine on 6, and tighter will bend the rims pretty bad! The piston drops straight down the tube just as it should too! Theres nothing left to explain it I think... as near as I can tell, upon extraction, the forend of a cartridge strikes the rightside lower cutouton the receiver, is this typical? My only remaining guess if the piston isnt the problem, is that that I need to figure out how to make the neck end of the extracting cartridge come up a little more so it cleanly clears the receiver... thoughts guys?

TIA again! rocketboy

September 20, 2001, 13:28
This is a specific FTX malfunction described in the Stevens' book. PM me, or e-mail me at home and I'll see if we can diagnose it. Or someone w/ access to theirs can describe it. The RKI smiths probably have a much better insight than I into this malfunction.

September 20, 2001, 18:41
Post here with the fix when you guys get done - it'd be good to know because someday it might happen to me!