View Full Version : Indexing a muzzle brake?

September 20, 2001, 04:57
Im building my first FAL.
I just got a TAPCO muzzle brake. It has 2 sets of 5 holes evenly spaced at 72deg.
What is the proper way to index it. Holes up (12 o'clock)or holes down (6 o'clock)? or does it matter?
What do you think? :confused:

Vanden Berg
September 20, 2001, 05:50
Holes up Sir. If you "exhaust" a muzzlebrake down, you will blow up more real estate than you can imagine (sand, gravel, pine cones, rocks, boulders!). The only draw-back to exhausting them up is that you get a significant muzzleflash when you are looking over the sight plain. This is why I make my muzzlebrakes exhaust horizontally, no flash up and no displaced ground debris. If you are interested in looking at another design, www.vandenbergcustom.com/rifles.html (http://www.vandenbergcustom.com/rifles.html)

Good luck,

Ed Vanden Berg