View Full Version : Front sight swap

September 20, 2001, 01:12

I bought an R1 kit a while back, but the barrel was nappy so I bought a new Argy barrel for it. Aside from looking cool with the holes in the front sight ears, I noticed the stuff under the front sight post is different.

I have not taken apart my STG to see what's under there, so my reference material is somewhat limited. Is the Argentine front sight unique to the Argy barrel, or is the R1 set the oddball? Can Argentine front sight parts be had, or is there a suitable substitute?

Just for info, the Argy front sight has a threaded hole in the center, and a smaller non-threaded hole to the rear (which I suspect is for a detent spring and plunger).

What do I need?


September 20, 2001, 03:34
There are two different types of Argie sights. The open ear sight you have has a high sight line and takes the same type of front sight as the Izzy. The other type has the closed ears and takes the standard metric sight parts. If you have standard R1 sights now you would be better trading your barrel off for one with the correct sight height. I ordered three of the Argie barrels from CDNN and got 2 closed and one open.