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September 19, 2001, 15:20
Anyone has innovative ideas on how to do this onerous step with minimal pain? Does anyone farm this out, if so who to? I enjoy parking but not sand blasting.


September 19, 2001, 16:50
Do you use a blast cabinet? I use a small one I got from harbor fright. Theirs a light inside and I hooked it up to an old shop vac that is vented outside. For media I use fine construction sand. With the compressor and vac going it’s loud so I use earplugs. I leave every thing set up and bast the parts just before parking. For my first attempt at blasting I used glass beads and no vac, it was a mess, media every were and I could not see what I was doing, it took forever using the glass beads. But now that I have it all set up the right way I really enjoy it. Basting has such a big effect on the quality of the finish I would not even consider farming it out.

September 20, 2001, 12:25
I have a blast cabinet but am not using a vacuum cleaner. Hmmm, maybe I'll try that since my biggest complaint is not being able to see anything.

September 21, 2001, 06:45
When the sand hits the part being blasted, some of it turns to a very fine white dust. Soon you can't see the part, the filter over the vent hole becomes clogged and the air you are pumping in with the blast gun will force sand and dust out of the cabinets seams and around the door seal.

I attached a pipe flange on the upper left side of the cabinet and the shop vac hose to this, the vent with the filter is on the right side. I take the hose from my good vac and put it on the output of the vac I use for blasting and run it out the window. This is important the shop vac filter will not stop all the fine silica dust (so I don’t bother with using a filter at all). And you do not want to be breathing this stuff.

The suction from the vac will allow you to see the part just fine. It also sucks the door tightly closed and any former leaks that let air and sand out will now only let air in. finely it keeps your sand clean by removing the lighter dust from the heavier sand. I would not use my cabinet with out the vacuum; it makes a big difference.

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September 21, 2001, 11:38
A B-52 from 38,000 feet works pretty well. Oh, sorry, I thought the topic was "Best way to blast sand." :D