View Full Version : WTK: Correct Barrel Timing Position

Bob Bishop
September 19, 2001, 09:37
This coming weekend I am going to install my Imbel barrel into a new DSA Type I receiver. I will have the Elliot receiver wrench and also have very carefully fitted a 27mm wrench to the barrel flats. It takes some tapping with a light hammer to get the wrench onto the flats.

So far so good!

Right now the barrel hand tightens to about the 10:30 position. I have heard that it is best to have it hand tighten to the 11:00 position as this will allow a bit over 100 ft lbs of torque to bring it into final location.

Is this correct...or, is it OK at the current 10:30 position? I have no desire to round or mess up the flats and am concerned on my first FAL barrel attempt that right now it may be a bit too far out.

Any comments?



September 19, 2001, 10:08
it should look like this hand tightened:


September 19, 2001, 11:15
If you leave it at 10:30 and try and barrel it with an open end wrench your going to have a hell of a time. Its too difficult to apply the needed torque without the right tools. You will have to take some material off the shoulder if you plan on using this method.

Some guys have had success by tightening then loosening then tightening untill it timed up right. I guess it streches out the threads a bit.

Can you find someone local who has the tools?

Bob Bishop
September 19, 2001, 11:55
Stimpy and FLC: I think that based on the photo and also the comments, I will carefully remove a bit of the barrel shoulder tonight to get it to time at 11:00. No one else around here has the necessary tools and I do not intend to botch this up!

Thanks so much for your input as it is exactly what I am looking for.