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September 19, 2001, 09:18
I recently bought a R1 kit from a board member and, after opening the kit to inspect it for completeness,I noticed that it had a sand cut BC.
that was odd 'cause I thought only inch guns were equipped w/ the Sand cut BC's.
but it's got the same ser.No. as the rest of the rifle so I assume it's issue

any help? :confused:

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September 19, 2001, 10:42
The sandcut BC is primarily Inch, but some Belgian-made metrics did adapt the sand-cuts, notably the Paras 50-61, 50.63, & 50.64. It is possible the South Africans did too at their Lyttleton Small Arms Factory.

Look for markings on the BC:
A "D" w/ a cross-bar inside is an Enfield L1A1.
Crossed flag proof-marks are either British or Australian.
An "M-inside-U" is a South African marking. There exist other RSA markings too.

In addition, the South Africans did acquire some contract guns from England for trials.

September 19, 2001, 11:22
Hi and thanks for the info.
the R1 in Question is a relatively low ser. No.(227713)&(RA1999)the BC has matching No.to reciever and doesn't appear a re-stamp.
It has the standard crossed flags w/ a U on top and a P at the bottom, same as my other SA FALs
Entire bolt has a nice Brown Patina lke the G1 bolt I have so I assume it's older than dirt both Bolt and BC have had some marking (proofs?) Milled off. the marks removed Could have been a Brit or Aussie proofs,since the (removed)marks were very small.
Is this a rather uncommon piece then?
oh, and no markings on the bolt carrier that you described, there ARE however Nine marks,all similar resembling the letter "D"laid on it's back w/ a number inside. inspectors Marks?

September 19, 2001, 12:18
I don't know the RSA numbering sequences, but a quarter million is probably quite normal for the adaptation of the snad-cut bolt. QUien sabe. Just lucky?

The U-over-P mark I believe pre-dates the M-inside-U mark, at a time when Britain still had a good bit of influence through the COmmonwealth. The mark normally appears electro-etched. See if it 'looks' right when compared to other markings. It's unlikely it's a fake, since the R-1 is not a 'collectible'.

History- neat stuff and quirks! I'll check my references and see if there is any clarification. I'm at work, and don't have them handy.

September 21, 2001, 14:29