View Full Version : L1AL BARREL DIAMETER

Walk Softly...
April 10, 2002, 19:47
Being the newbie that I am, I need to know about barrel diameter on an L1A1. I intend to cut it down to around 16", rethread and permanently install a short brake(probably Tapco). The real question is will the barrel be the proper diameter to thread or will I need to turn it down first. Can't measure either of mine as one has the threads cut off and the other has a brake already installed. If turning is required it could jinx whole project as I don't have the facilities and don't want to remove the barrel and get into the headspaciong thing when it's reassembled.

April 10, 2002, 20:01
Needs to be turned.

Removing and reinstalling the SAME barrel has zero effect on headspacing.

Put matching witness marks on barrel and receiver (bottom) in order to time exactly the same on re-assembly.