View Full Version : Building an Izzy LB.

April 10, 2002, 09:24
I have an Izzy LB kit that I plan to build and I would like some suggestions on what is the best way to proceed. I have an Enterprise Receiver an from what I understand is that the threads on the barrel will need to be altered to fit. Since I want to have a cut down barrel (17-18") should I just get another metric barrel and use it? This way I do not have to modify the threads. By doing this I think all the Izzy stuff will still fit, right?
If y'all have any suggestions about how you would or have done it please let me know.


April 10, 2002, 11:12
If your Entreprise receiver is the Izzy metric style you can use the Izzy barrel.
Otherwise you will need to chase your Izzy barrel to 16-1.

You can use a Argentine barrel in place of the Izzy. You will need std metric: gas plug; gas tube & gas piston to work with the Argy barrel. All your other Izzy std parts will work on the Argy barrel.

Regards! Larry aka L/FN