View Full Version : Die for L1A1 muzzle threads

Walk Softly...
April 09, 2002, 22:27
Where can I find this die, I want to shorten a barrel and rethread for brake install.

Dan at VOW
April 09, 2002, 22:59
Check with FAC, they have the Dynasystems kit, of course it does cost more than having a smith do it for you. The Dynasystems kit is great, especially if you plan on doing more than one. If you are only doing one, check with a smith. Jayson at Investment Grade Firearms does a great job. HTH, Dan.

Forgot to add (you probably know this already, but I would be negligent for not pointing it out) 9/16 x 24 RH for the Inch rifles and aftermarket Inch brakes and fakes. The kit has the correct caliber guide rod and thread starter. Dan.

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