View Full Version : Grizzly Industrial machines

April 09, 2002, 15:06
What does any of you think of Grizzly Industrial's milling machines and lathes?

April 09, 2002, 15:24
I don't know about their metal working but their woodworking machines are great!

April 09, 2002, 15:33
Its the same Chinese and Taiwanses crap that MSC and Enco sells, but I have it on good authority that their customer service is first rate.

April 09, 2002, 21:13
I have the Harbor Freight 12x36 gear head lathe. A freind bought the same size lathe from Griz' a few years back. Cosmetically they are identical, pretty sure they came out of the same factory. I wouldn't recomend Pacific Rim produced machines for a heavy industrial shop but the should be pleny good for home use and light commercial. They seem to ba as accurate as a US made machine but for much less money (they just don't last as long). I shopped for used US made equipment before I bought my HF lathe and Jet mill. All I could find within driving distance was twice as much money and worn out. There is no way I could afford to outfit my shop with new domestic machinery on my wages (wish I could). I understand even Bridgeports are being made in Singapore now.