View Full Version : Removing Pistol Grip from R1A1

September 16, 2001, 22:19
I have a CIA R1Al with one of their cheesey pistol grips. I mant to replace it with a better USA made one. How do you remove the damn thing? It's not open on the bottom like any other FAL grip that I've seen. HELP. :confused:

September 17, 2001, 09:38
Sounds like an "inch" grip - you'll need an inch model to replace it. There's a screw inside the lower receiver that is the main force holding it in - other small screws around attach it to various little things. There's a good exploded diagram on the old site (www.fnfal.com/falfiles/chart.html) that can explain it much better than my lame attempt. Look at the "Standard Inch" diagram.

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September 17, 2001, 09:59
If it is a CIA metric grip, not so fast there. The CIA grip is acually pretty good and made in the USA.

If it is the inch grip, well dump it fast. Dan@VOW has a pretty good one.