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October 15, 2006, 11:15
I know I know - Its not an AK (I have one of those too) but I know a lot of AK people also own the SKS cousin so.... I bought a milled receiver, pinned barrel 16.5 inch SKS rifle imported from China. It has a 175XX serial number and only other nomenclature is a an import stamp by CJA Springfield, Mo on the left rear of the receiver. I have heard the "Paratrooper" was a commercial only variant. The stocks look like someone refinnished them in under the metal there is evidence of the red shellac finish. Given the lack of nomenclature I was wondering if it was a military gun and not a made for export commercial model. Or a military gun converted for export. Anybody have an idea about this one? I was thinking about further modifying it if it has no intrinsic value (milling off bayonet stud and cleaning rod guides and refinishing the metal and putting it in a in a more comfortable stock for my use, but if it has any intrinsic value, I dont want to do that.

October 15, 2006, 12:55
I have a couple of Chinese SKSs, including one of the short barreled "paratrooper" models...

My understanding is that this type of rifle was never made for the PRC armed forces, but is something that Norinco cobbled up for the US market. Whether they were new build guns or converted military ones is unclear, especially since the line is somewhat blurred between the two when discussing previous Chinese exports to the US. (As, also, the line was somewhat blurred between Chinese military and 'commercial' production anyway).

In terms of collector's value, you won't be losing any by modifying the rifle in any way you'd like it to end up to satisfy your personal preferences. Keep in mind that these rifles were imported both before and after the '89' ban, with most imported after... Potentially, you could run into some parts counts problems depending on the date of importation. Bayonets are also a no-no on the post '89 guns...


October 15, 2006, 21:15
"CJA Springfield, Mo"

That most likely says, "Southfield, MI"... Sounds like an early paratrooper, from just after Midwest Ordnance worked out the details at the Chinese factory. I have one with similar markings and it is clearly ex-military, originally manufactured in 1967.

October 16, 2006, 06:19
As Forrest said, Norinco and PolyTech (same thing) made several variations of the SKS for the American Market. They were always trying to keep things fresh and feed the market with new variations. There was not much that could be done with SKSes except shortening them and adding high capacity mag units of one type or another.

As for "paratrooper", it is rather obvious that the Chinese had more suitable weapons, like the well established Type 56 AK family, including the underfolder and later sidefolder, with which to arm the FEW paratroopers they MAY have had.

According to my very good contacts back in the day, the short SKSes are fun but commercial in intention.


PS,..I even asked Dave Keng of PolyTech if they had any AIRPLANES to JUMP from? He just laughed.

October 16, 2006, 18:40
Originally posted by mark214
I would slightly disagree with this, if you care about resale value most people will pay more for an unmodified firearm over a modified firearm.
Chicom SKS's are twice+ the price you could get them for back in the day which is some what surprising since the chinese dumped 10's of thousnds of them on the USA.

Keep in mind that the dollar is worth less than half as much as it was back in the day, so the price of the Chinese SKS is really even less today than it was then...

But I know what you mean.

I have a synthetic stock on my 'paratrooper,' but otherwise, it's unaltered. It takes a couple of seconds to swap back to the original stock...



capt ron
November 14, 2006, 20:15
the china sks was a commerical venture. i think that navy arms started it with there cowboy version. the a few other companies began importing them as sks carbines and sks paratroopers. these were all cut down china sks rifles.
in 1991 or 1992 a company in new jersey had 300 paratroopers made from new rifles. they were all pined barrels and had the blond chu-wood stock. the company had them imported and when they got to the docks they were impounded by the atfe. the company that had them was going to go bankrupt so i bought them from them to pay off there loan.( they were 3 bankers that thought they were going to make a lot of money on them). they were all shipped to texas and i wholesaled most of them to dealers in houston texas to pay off my loan. i kept 100 of them and over the years i have sold most of them.
i still have a few in my wharehouse in n. texas.

then 1994 happened....................

i also had several hundred of the paratroopers that we were going to make into paratroopers to take the ak-47 mag, but as the laws were changing and that idea got abandoned and i sold off all but about 60 of them. i put everything in storage..............................
early this year i found them in my storage (i forgot they were there) and have sold most of them on another site. ( found some china m-14's, mak-90's stamped and milled, sks rifles, sks that took the ak-47 mags, every thing still new in the box), just like an early christmas.............

bottom line is i would not change anything on them , leave them just like they came.