View Full Version : OT: need mosin nagant m44 bolt assembly help

September 16, 2001, 01:19
Well I did something stupid...I decided to thoroughly clean my Mosin Nagant m.44 before taking it to the range for the first time tomorrow.

Needless to say everything went well until I got to reassembling the bolt and trying to place it back in the weapon.

I followed directions off of a mosin nagant website and I can't get the bolt to fit into the receiver. :(

I had followed the directions to the best of my ability including matching what I saw with what I had in my hand and I am still hosed.

I don't think its the directions I believe it to be my execution of same:

web page (http://http://www.russian-mosin-nagant.com/clean.htm)

Someone please tell me where I must have gone wrong. Thanks.

BTW the stage I seem to be having trouble with is lining up the bolt head/connecting bar up properly with the bolt body so it will slide back into the weapon.

I appreciate your help. And yes I know this is a very numbskull propblem :rolleyes:

Thank you in advance.

September 16, 2001, 01:33
Never mind..my brainfart just passed....

Jeez you think I would have figured out by now...square peg round hole no workee workee :rolleyes:

Had to put the bolt in the cocked position then halfway through placing back into the weapon rotate the cocking piece again to alter alignment.

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