View Full Version : WTF is wrong with this Mapp torch???

September 15, 2001, 21:09
Regular bronze torch head, not the $40 push-button starter one...yellow Mapp canister...

Light it up and use it for about 4 minutes, then the flame dies out and I can't light it back up...am I out of juice? I shake the can and can hear the liquid, but when I turn the valve there's no hiss...

Is there a shelf life for these things? Am I SOL is this a common problem? Bought it at Wallyworld, if that makes any difference.


Maybe it's someone telling to get a freakin' life and go do something other than play with my toys on Saturday.

September 15, 2001, 22:15
Sounds like there might be a bit of debris in the works.
Take the tank off and see if you can run a piece of thin gauge wire into it. When you take the tank off if you hear a bit of a pop or hiss then you have plenty of pressure / gas in the tank.


September 16, 2001, 00:39
If bought as an assembly...take it back.

Debris is almost certainly the problem.

September 16, 2001, 02:03
Sounds like rust particles inside the tank are clogging the head. Never encountered it, but I'd buy a tank from another lot number.
It's always somethin!

September 16, 2001, 10:29
Yup, I've put the head on the tank three times and the times I've taken it off it popped off with a hiss...

Back to Wallyworld and off to Home Depot.