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October 08, 2006, 18:02
How much time/work do you all put into your AK mags?

Like fitting them, deburring, clean up, etc.

Ive become tired of the sharp edges when loading...

Many mags seem to need some fitment. Is this due to my builds, or is it normal?

It seems like Im always mess'n with some AK mag, but hardly ever encounter issues with metric FAL stuff...



October 08, 2006, 21:47
I've NEVER had any problems with AK mags

Are you buying real surplus mags or knock off after market ones?

October 08, 2006, 22:17
Mostly ridgeback European, a few Norinco.

I must be doing something wrong with my builds.

Maybe I should be modifying the hardned mag/trigger guard plate on the rifle?

October 09, 2006, 02:03
are you bending your own AK receivers?

if so sometimes you might need to dremmel the mag well to accept your mags
usually the rear part in front of the trigger guard, sometimes the sides a hair.
that is much easier than grinding all your mags!

October 10, 2006, 13:33
Once in a great while I will get a mag that does not like to release from the rifle. A little filing on the mag catch on the mag usually takes care of that problem. Chicom mags do not like the standard "European"guns. I have a SAR1 and a Preban Steyr Maadi that do not like the Chicom mags. They will fit but they are VERY tight.

But yea, you should very seldom have to "fit" and AK mag. If you are having problem with all of your mags then the problemis the gun and not the mags.

October 11, 2006, 09:13
I think your spot on with the need to remove metal from the trigger gaurd plate/reciever blank. I have had to do that on all my bent flat builds so far in order to have the mags fit in properly.

October 18, 2006, 19:09
I use surplus mags on Tapco flats and the mag well required work to allow the mags to fit properly. It didn't require alot of work just enough to accept the mag and to properly fit up to the mag catch. After reading some of the threads I must be one of the few that used the Tapco flats they worked fine for me.

Good luck