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September 26, 2006, 11:17
What y'all know about tweaking the selectors ? I have put a few on and they all work. We got the two AK's for the harmonics and those selector are danged smooth. Hardly even makes a mark across the receiver. One of them does not at all.

Just bend them till they are "right" ?

I notice the next two or three I got in kits to build, the "base" of the selector stamping is deformed. Like someone was swaging a place in the thing to tighten it up against the receiver it was once on.

Any tricks for this ? Trade secrets ? Jigs ?

Para Driver
September 26, 2006, 13:14
bending them to reduce the drag is a touchy technique, lest you fatigue the metal by over working it.. heard that some guys used fishing line wrapped around the safety near the arching end to reduce the 'clack'

September 27, 2006, 09:51
I took a Dremel with the mildest abrasive wheel and lowered/smoothed the bump that scrapes on the receiver, and I took all the sharp edges off the rest of the safety. I rounded the edges that contact the trigger, and the ones that bear on the cutout in the receiver. I shaped the part of the safety that contacts the stop tab at the bottom of the receiver. Much less of a "clik" when they fit together. Then I bent the safety a little, outward.

Safety is smooth, easy to work, and silent. Took about 15 minutes, including reblueing the shiny parts. Have done this to four AKs. Same results.

I later added a finger tab to the safety right above the trigger. Used JB weld and a piece of 18 ga sheet steel from Lowes ($5). The tab is bent, with the attachment point on the inside of the safety. Dremeled out a little space in the bottom of the safety so the tab sits in a recess and does not scrape the receiver.

For jollies I also cut (using the Dremel and a grinding wheel) a bolt retaining notch in the top of each safety. Does not work as a last shot hold-open, just as a manual way to keep the bolt back for safety and inspection.

Now my safeties work using just trigger finger pressure both up and down, without removing my hand from the pistol grip. They are not so easy to move that they move accidentally, at least so far. I am considering removing the original end finger tab which I don't use to help reduce that possibility. Trigger finger can even drop the safety when holding back the bolt. Quick and convenient.

It was a little bit of work, especially on the first "proto-type", but once I got the hang of it, the additional three went quickly. All operations on the first probably took about an hour and a half, not including gathering materials and JB Weld setup time. Subsequent ones took about 45 minutes. I had the JB Weld, and the steel sheet 18"x6" was my only other cost. Black Jack Buffers offers such a safety for the reasonable price of $35, but 4x$35 was a little too rich for this cheap yankee.


September 27, 2006, 10:55
Cool stuff, CB3. Thanks.

I did some more beatin' on the thng yesterday. I sacrificed a couple of old sockets for forming jigs. Turned them in the lathe, ground a little. Got one working pretty good. I can tell what Paradriver sez could bite ya in da butt pretty quick. These selectors are spring steel. Kinda sorta. I had a beater one that I ground on to give the sparks a look see. Certainly not "mild steel". That's about as scientific as I get. Dad and Uncle Macon taught me a lot about metallurgy, but I forgot a lot. (read: was too young and smart to pay full attention)

I like your ideas, CB3. I got one of me own. I want to make a safety that actuates from the left side. (right thumb) Gonna be a trick with a hole innit, I fear.

Here goes another coupla junked flats. S'okay. I hate AK's AND flats. lol