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September 12, 2006, 20:25
The classic, long out-of-print masterpiece by Col. George Chinn, "The Machine Gun", volumes 1 through 5 are now available on CD. This seriies of books was compiled by the Navy's Naval Air Systems Command and the Bureau of Ordnance to cover all known types of aircraft machine guns and aircraft auto cannon in service up to 1953. Col. George Chinn, USMC, was responsible for the original four volume set. In the early 1980's the original four out-of-print versions were reprinted along with a fifth volume that brought the series current.

Volume 1 contains profiles of the arms designers -- Maxim, Tokarev, Browning, et al. Volume 2 contains different machine gun designs. Volume 3 discusses the engineering and physics of automatic weapons. Volume 4 has simplified operational schematics of various designs. Volume 5 contains post-1953 machine gun designs including grenade launchers.

The CD is available for $15 from:

Crane Technologies
2301 Aviation Road
Unit A
Waukesha, WI 53188-1692

ph. 414-460-7113

Send checks or money orders. No credit cards.

September 13, 2006, 13:32
This sounds like a "must read" for me but when I call the phone number it says "PCS phone number not in survice." I am a little weary about sending funds without talking to someone first.

September 15, 2006, 13:23
I ordered a CD from them and I'll post a review when it arrives. All my commo was over the internet and I did not call the phone number. Can't help on the phone part, but I got an e-mail response within an hour of sending it.


September 21, 2006, 16:36
If you're REALLY patient (about 500MB), the whole set can be dloaded via eMule (peer to peer). Have seen it crop up a few times. Of course $15 is a mere pittance as well.

October 14, 2006, 14:05
I received my CD copy and it is a very quality piece of work. For $15 it's a great tool for anyone interested in the history and development of smaal arms. A big 'thumb's up'.


November 08, 2006, 02:40
I've always wanted a copy of that. I'll settle for it on CD due to the huge cost savings. Thanks for the info.