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September 07, 2006, 22:10
okay guys we all know the scoop, so here's another spot i checked out.
a bit of walking and it looks like we have open areas to watch over.
or based on where beaver meadows road runs, elk will be pushed down to us....

here's google earths view of what i looked at and where i would like to set up camp.

see what i was saying about staying on elevation and not having to hump the mountains ??

3 pics......

September 07, 2006, 22:12

September 07, 2006, 22:13

September 07, 2006, 22:15
oh and make this altitude right about 9,000 feet above sea level per the lower middle of the screen !!

we goin high boys !!

:eek: :cry: :bow: :biggrin:

September 07, 2006, 22:54
Following you step by step. :)

That was a little further off of 160 then I first thought. A nice funnel area just to the NW of the site.

Once your there, you could turn around 3 times and it would all look about the same except no "cardiac hill"....but plenty of places that look good. Send Chip in for a recon!!

Checking the other site I gave you, shows the winter concentration a little closer to LaPlata or Hwy 160.......does that crap mean anything??

BTW, thanks for the cordinates!!

September 08, 2006, 05:41
no , not really.
they still all have to come down thru there from up in the high country.
plus human pressure up higher from the outfitters, and other hunters.

September 08, 2006, 06:23
I'm lurkin in you guy's threads and having a ball. :bow:

When I lived on the plains and worked in the Denver area I went Elk huntin three seasons. Never even got a shot. Learned a little and got sure of NONE of it. 9,000 feet is about the highest I hunted. Those pics are misleading I am sure. Doesn't look "wooded enough". "Sage" hunters told me back then, that during first rifle season, the Elk would be "high". In the first timber below "treeline". Snowfall and hunting pressure will chase them "downslope". In that order, depending on how much cover they have to select. Point being, they will stay as high as possible for as long as possible. Providing they can hide. The area I hunted around Winter Park-Granby, had a lot of timber between 7k and 9k elevations. The herd would run you ragged trying to get close. Too many hunters around those seasons. Elk stayed pretty much spooked IMO. I found a draw that backed up against a sheer slope and eased off downslope for about a half mile. Thick grass and scrub in the bottom. I found some beds in it. No, I didn't walk thru them, I glassed them from above. My guess was that the Elk were using these as they had a "cliff" at their back and long visibility in front. I set up a few times before daylight at these. Never saw an animal. When the sun got high enough, one morning I glassed my beds and could tell they had been used. Old fella told me to look downslope of them when I started moving for spoor. He said the Elk won't shit in their bed. Sure enough, that morning I found some droppings. Later, across a BIG cut between to "hills" (Rocky Mountain HILLS have a meaning all their own) I saw four animals making into some dark timber. I estimated the range at 1000 yds plus. Were these the ones off "my" beds ? I dunno.

Hope my ramblin' don't hurt none. It's as close as I am gonna get to Elk huntin fer a while it seems.

PS- I did shoot SOMETHING one year. I fell asleep under a cedar looking tree one afternoon, while watching a stand of Quakies. Some little rat bastard rodent started hollering and knocking bark and shit down the back of my coat. I shot his loudmouthed ass from 6 feet with my Super Blackhawk. :mad:

September 08, 2006, 08:27
Originally posted by splattermatic
no , not really.
they still all have to come down thru there from up in the high country.
plus human pressure up higher from the outfitters, and other hunters.

Good, I will quit playing with them then. I like the idea that if you have to go uphill, you would have to have gone downhill first!!

In addition to the natural funnel, several open spots to glass, another funnel a little further west.......with sloping terrain to the south leading to that other ridge line. Should be a winner, now if I can just get an idea of distance I will be good to go!!

Owl, you should expect rat bastards to knock and drop things on you, thats what they do:rolleyes:

Para Driver
September 08, 2006, 11:33
I wonder if the elk have access to google earth, and are equally planning their escape and evade strategy??

September 08, 2006, 13:10

To me, it doesn't really matter.....

i have killed so many things in my life, that going and not taking an elk won't bother me in the least bit.

i look at it this way............................

i am going to be away from work for 10 days, enjoying the mountains, good friends, and get to wander around the mountains with guns.

if i would go on a real vacation, just figure what the hotel would cost ....

my out of state cow tag is less........................

i am just worried that i can take my fellow faler's out and let them experience a rocky mountain elk hunt.

and hopefully they get elk....

actually if god grace's me, i shoot a cow the first morning, and get to play camp bitch for the remaining days.....get the boys out, go back to sleep, get up make me and ?? lunch.... take a nap, get up make the boys a hearty dinner.....
have a nice fire going, sit around it with everyone, while listening to the coyotes yap, tell jokes, tell lies, laugh.....etc............

not a care or worry in the world....

if it snow's make snow angles, watch it snow out the windows of the camper....

JUST RELAX.................


and hope to shoot a cow elk with my 44 mag........or 338 win mag........

or 300 wsm.......or 8mm rem mag..............or .................

well i think you get the pic........................

ahhhh, life is good...............

only 40 days to go til the thugs arrive......and 43 days til we can shoot......

get your stuff together thugs and let's git er done...........

6 weeks to go.................

September 08, 2006, 15:30
We be hunting trees man!

Para Driver
September 08, 2006, 15:32
Splatt.. I ALWAYS try to make a day or two on such trips, for nothing more than taking a nice nap and reading a book.. maybe cook up something nice... ELK Chili man... do it for the children...