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July 23, 2006, 16:43
Hi, I'm looking for a FAL, to add to my collection of FN weapons.
I recently came across a Century Arms FAL for sale. Are there any problems with Century arms INC receivers?


July 23, 2006, 17:46
some work just fine, some dont.

I would think that if its a rifle manufactured by Century it should work, if it was JUST the receiver, its a coinflip and that may be why its for sale cuz the guy couldnt get it working.

If possible try it before you buy it, afterall if it runs it doesnt really matter what name is on the side.

Of course if the price is much over 450-500 its probably too much to pay for a rifle with virtually no resale value

Dakota FAL
July 23, 2006, 20:10
My Century receiver was fine and fed/functioned perfectly. The rifle just would not shoot worth a damn accuracy wise after the first 2 shots.

It turns out Century dimpled the barrel when they blind pinned the muzzle brake. I fixed that but then discovered the bore had never been lapped and had .294 diameter lands (rather than .300). That is a lot of sizing for a bullet and the unlapped bore also causes an extreme amount of copper fouling. I suspect they used and end-of-run not quite finished surplus barrel.

The only other gripe included an excessive amount of play at the back end of the upper and lower receivers, but that is a very simple fix.

So...I spent $495 for a nearly new, shot very little (since the previous owner obviously could not get it to shoot) Century FAL with all Aussie L1A1 parts to go with the nice 1965 vintage Australian lower receiver, another $200 for very nice new L1A1 wood, and finally $304 for a GPG barrel suitable for an inch flash hider. In the end it's basically a $1000 FAL, but it least it will shoot well and I have to admit I have always had a soft spot for lost causes and project guns and this one was both.

On the other hand, if it had a "normal" surplus barrel it would have shot fine once the dimple was removed (counter bored 1/2" with a reamer designed to make integral muzzle brakes) and it would have been only a $25.00 fix. I also could have spent a lot less at around $150-175 for a decent surplus L1A1 barrel, but I like the heavier GPG contour and tighter chamber. Similarly, a new stock was not required as the old one was very serviceable, but I have never been a fan of black plastic, and it's correct for a parked 1965 vintage Aussie L1A1. So at least $325 of the $500 fix is due to my personal preference.

So..a Century fall at $500 (or less) is probably a decent deal, but check the barrel very carefully with a bore scope for a dimple near the muzzle and for any hone or tool marks as it will need a new barrel to shoot well, it's no longer a good deal.

July 23, 2006, 20:38
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July 23, 2006, 21:58
thanks for the info all!
Sorry to post in the wrong forum. Feel free to delete or move this post..

see Guns America Auction # 976735356 for the rifle I was looking at.

nice furniture anyway.

June 04, 2012, 18:46
Iv got a century receiver if needed.. Pm me.