View Full Version : Meeper/AZEX/ anyone..., .223 Conversion question: rear sights

April 08, 2002, 14:27
What consideration has been taken regarding the rear sights elevation adjustments? Unless I am mistaken, right now the rifles will only be true where they are zeroed.

Sure, it is argueable that 99% of the rifles in the world (military or private) rarely are used outside 200/300 yards and a suitable BZO will suffice. But for those of us who like to see if they can still shoot possibles at 500 yards, the difference in buttet drop seems enough to make me wonder.

Curious because I am always interestd in finding another way to quickly part with my hard earned cash.



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April 08, 2002, 20:21
I put a FN Para on mine. Unlike the DSA STG58A at carbine length where I had to go to a inch sight. On the short barreled 223 the metric sights where right on. I don't know how they will be at all settings. I only have to worry about the two on the Para.