View Full Version : HRA M1 Garand parts

April 08, 2002, 12:43
Does anyone know where I can locate the following parts?

Bolt: D6528287 HRA U
Op-rod: 6535382 HRA
Trigger Group:
Housing: 6528290 HRA N
Guard: stamped with hook
Hammer: HRA 5546008
Safety: HRA
Bullet guide: Stamped with notch
Gas Cylinder lock: High hump
Gas cylinder screw: HRA hexagon
Elevation knob: HRA
Windage knob: HRA-W

I plan on putting them on the CMP HRA receiver I have. The CMP sales parts, but I can not request these specific P/N's. The last Gun Show had some parts, but not many and none that I needed.

I listed them in the for-sale forum, so maybe someone here might even have a few.


April 08, 2002, 15:07

Try the following

CSP: http://www.jouster.com/cgi-bin/garand/garand.pl

Dean: http://www.dgrguns.com/

Fulton Armory: http://www.fulton-armory.com/

Mel: http://www.melbishop.com/

If these guys can't help... well then you're S.O.L. I think.