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April 07, 2002, 22:01
wich one is the best gauge to buy??? and who sells them...thanks.

April 07, 2002, 22:24
forster 13 something a piece
clymer 30 something a piece
a spec is a spec only the price is different
Brownells sells both brands, right from both factories. I got mine from Lock, Stock, & Barrel Shooting Supply web page (http://www.lockstock.com)

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April 07, 2002, 22:27
I don't know which is better, but you can get them at Brownells. The clymer's are more expensive by $10.00 per gauge.

I got the Foresters

April 07, 2002, 23:53
here is some info hope it helps.

Headspace is the distance from the breech face to some datum point on or in the chamber or barrel. For a complete discussion of what headspace is, and how to measure it, see the article entitled "A Headspace Primer," in the October, 1999 issue of CRUFFLER.COM. With reference to the FAL, the headspace dimension is that distance from the bolt face to the portion of the chamber where the internal diameter is exactly 0.400". As with many mechanical assemblies, this distance is expressed as a tolerance, rather than an absolute. According to FN, the headspace tolerance for an FAL is:

FN Factory Headspace Dimensions Minimum 1.6315"
Maximum 1.640

Unfortunately, it gets a little more complex. In addition to the absolute maximum, FN also specified a maximum for a new or overhauled rifle of 1.638". That is to say, there are two maximum headspace dimensions, one for a factory new or overhauled rifle and one for a rifle that has been in service. This is shown more clearly below:

FN Factory Headspace Dimensions, New and In-Service Rifles Minimum 1.6315"
Maximum, New Rifle 1.638"
Maximum, In-Service Rifle 1.640"

The equation becomes more difficult when one takes the SAAMI headspace specifications for the .308 Winchester into account. While the 7.62mm NATO and the .308 Winchester are not the same cartridges, and should by no means be considered interchangeable, they are often used synonymously in the United States, and because of their dimensional similarities, only gauges and reamers for the .308 Winchester exist. The SAAMI specification for .308 Winchester headspace dimensions are noted below:

SAAMI Headspace Dimensions, .308 Winchester Minimum (GO) 1.630"
Maximum (FIELD) 1.640

You'll note that there is no "NO-GO" specification. SAAMI doesn't specify one. The NO-GO specifcation, measurement, and gauge are products of the gauge makers, and can be whatever the manufacturer decides it should be (within the bounds of the minimum and maximum dimensions). This is why the Forster .308 Winchester No-Go Gauge measures out at 1.634", while the Clymer .308 Winchester No-Go Gauge measures out at 1.636". However Forster's Field gauge measures out at 1.638", inidicating that Forster builds a .002" margin into its gauges that is not the same as the SAAMI specified .308 Winchester maximum headspace dimension. For this reason, we opted to go with the Clymer gauges. Taking all this into account, the consolidated headspace dimensions look like this:

Consolidated FN Factory and SAAMI Headspace Dimensions, New and In-Service Rifles Minimum, SAAMI 1.630"
Minimum, FN 1.6315"
Maximum, FN New Rifle 1.638"
Maximum, FN In-Service Rifle and SAAMI 1.640"

Optimal assembled FAL headspace range then, is: 1.6315" < Rifle Headspace < 1.638".


Mad Dog 7.62
April 08, 2002, 05:18
I use the Clymers...I don't recall a big price difference either!! But, the Clymer is closer to the NATO spec. They are 1.632 GO compared to Forsters 1.630, and 1.636 NOGO compared to 1.634. I don't use a field guage. Some folks will say with Forster guages it's OK for it close on a NOGO if it has to be pressed shut...I don't do that with the Clymer guages. Either will work fine, just be aware of your tolerances.

April 08, 2002, 10:56
thanks for your help. now, who sells the clymers gauges??? any idea? thanks.

April 08, 2002, 13:49
Originally posted by 7.62 x 51:
<STRONG>thanks for your help. now, who sells the clymers gauges??? any idea? thanks.</STRONG>

Try reading the first response.