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Old School
April 07, 2002, 19:58
I ordered an Imbel STG-58 from CAI but was sent a Imbel L1A1. Not to ridicule Century too much, but the rifle came with 2 free mags - one inch and one metric. Great.

As the receiver is metric, I have ordered a metric receiver cover and extra bolt&carrier. For these rifles, has anyone compiled a list of metric parts and inch parts? Also, any tips for cleaning the bore? If it weren't for the gas port, I'd plug the barrel, fill it with Hoppes and let it sit for a day. Something about this bore is more stubborn than any I have faced.

Range report is not so great, had about 1-3 FTFs per magazine and shot consistenly high&left. I did not check the piston before shooting, but it was filthy afterwords - yes it came with a gas tube retaining pin. No, I don't like the lack of an auto bolt hold open.

April 07, 2002, 20:59
"For these rifles, has anyone compiled a list of metric parts and inch parts?"

What do you mean??

Complied a list for what reason?

April 08, 2002, 00:37
Fixing the bolt hold open is easy and the part is less then $1

Old School
April 08, 2002, 07:48
Batman, I'm a "documentation oriented" person (i.e., write it down or I'll forget it) and I always have several projects going on - not just fnfals.

The purpose of a list would be a reference for ordering replacement/extra parts - identifing what is inch and what is metric. It would also be helpful for the same list to identify what US parts CAI used.

April 08, 2002, 08:13
On the CAI L1A1 "sporter" provided it is not thumbhole stocked (not made for a few years now)or nesscesary to use US compliant mags (CAI shipped mag with US made floorplate and follower with gun)then the parts should be
Hammer (marked with a"c")
Pistol grip
Gas piston

April 08, 2002, 08:15
"has anyone compiled a list of metric parts and inch parts? "

Hehe - unfortunately, the angry beavers (of CAI) use different parts in just about every gun, so yours is whatever they happened to be able to slap together that day - sorry. If you want to narrow it down the easiest place to start is at gunthings.com - they have great pictures of all sorts of parts you can compare yours to.

For especially nasty bores that won't come clean I'd recommend either Sweets 7.62 or some bore paste. The Sweets will do wonders if your problem is copper fouling, the bore paste (I use Break-free) is a good general, light abrasive cleaner (kind of like a toothpaste for your bore).

The piston may have been dirty before, or it may have been coated in oil for shipping - make sure before you shoot it again you clean the whole gas system, and keep it bone dry and you shouldn't have the same problem.

As far as the FTF and poor accuracy - detail strip the whole thing and make sure those beavers got all the sand and crud out of every nook and cranny (most likely didn't). Pay special attention to the recoil springs and the recoil tube - make sure they're spotless and lubed only slightly with oil. Grease and gunk can impede the springs' function (and sometimes create a hydro-type lock).

After you do all that, take it to a bench and adjust the sights to zero it - if it's still shooting poorly let us know and we'll see if we can track down the problem.

Good luck!