View Full Version : Entreprise Problem

April 07, 2002, 18:03
I bought an Entreprise Type 1 inch receiver and just had it assembled and refinished on an Excellent Tapco kit. (Bought it last year) Everything seems to work well(no binding, etc) but I cannot install the carry handle. It appears that the cut on the receiver is not deep enough. I have tried three different handles (all original L1A1) and none fit. It makes contact with the bottom of the cut on the backside of the bottom. It is very close to being able to work but almost only works in horse shoes. Is there a solution to this? Can't send it back since it has been barrelled. Is a dremel sufficient for this slight adjustment?

April 07, 2002, 22:12
I'd try dremeling out a little of the inside of the carry handle loop to try and fit it. That way the modification would be hidden.