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R4 fan
September 14, 2001, 18:02
Okay, here's what I was thinking, and I wanted to know if this would be legal or not.
If I wanted to build an Izzy kit and I had someone make an exact US copy of the coupler...

...and had it permanently attached to the barrel, would this be considered a US part (like a muzzle brake?).

Then I could screw on a sleeved Israeli flash hider or post ban muzzlebrake whenever I wanted?

Would this configuration be legal, or would the muzzle brake/sleeved flash hider have to be permanently attached? (and the coupler, even though US made, wouldn't count?)


September 14, 2001, 18:56
It is NOT legal, so long as you have two other evil features (say- PG and removable magazine, or LCMM as the ATF say).

A threaded anything, coupler, yadayada, may NOT be installed on a post-ban rifle that is otherwise an AW as defined in applicable regs. The permanently attached coupler must be neutered, and incapable itself of accepting the FH.

Any FH.

September 14, 2001, 18:57
Moved to LEGAL