View Full Version : Return spring tubes in StGs secured to lower?

September 14, 2001, 13:00
I'd like to know if the return spring tube on StGs are fixed to lower receiver or if for some reason the one I'm trying to remove is stuck.

If it's not permanently attached to the lower, can someone recommend a good way to separate both pieces?


September 14, 2001, 13:19
They are bitch to remove, sometimes. After a liberal dose of anti seize spray, I clamped the return tube in a vise and cranked on the trigger housing with an open end wrench. Once it let go, it was easy.

Might try some heat.

September 15, 2001, 02:43
Some are swaged in place and others are just tight. Is there some reason you are trying to remove the return spring tube from the lower? That part is usually never removed except to replace a damaged one.

September 16, 2001, 00:53
This is sort of funny in a way, because most of us are trying NOT to remove the recoil spring tube... it just happens irregardless when pulling off the buttstock.

The vise idea makes me nervous; these suckers are supposed to be easy to crush. If yours is being recalcitrant, I also would recommend the application of heat to burn off all the gunk that's probably gluing the thing in place. I know you've already got 6000 tools so dig into your rollaway and snag a strap wrench to avoid damaging the tube as you crank it off. Good luck... and by the way, why on earth ARE you removing it???


September 16, 2001, 10:46
To clarify my vise operation--this was an attempt at a para lower conversion from a $99 R1 special. In any case, the return tube was not distorted.

September 16, 2001, 13:13
Sorry, mp, didn't mean to sound critical; but the thought of chucking the tube into a vise DOES make me nervous. Glad your experience was a positive one. Maybe it's that I don't trust MYSELF not to visit Crush City; heaven knows I've screwed enough perfectly good parts in my time.

A smile and pleasant memories of those $99 FAC R1 kits. Based on what I received of handpicked G1 kits, these may be the best bargains out there since the R1s. DSA, FAC and TAPCO have some winners here; circa $125 just for decent spare parts is great, $145 (handpick, as available) for kits with GREAT bores is a killer deal. I don't NEED any more kits... but these are so beautiful, it seems certain my plastic is about to receive another dent. :)


September 16, 2001, 23:56
**** it, I scrapped the idea since the thing didn't want to come off AND the freakin' Mapp canister I got at Wallyworld seems to be clogged up (and I didn't want to go there twice on one weekend).

The Reason: I needed to send my Imbel tube back for refinishing and I didn't want the rifle to be inoperable, so I was planning on using the tube from my StG spare parts kit.

The Solution: I assembled the lower on my $99 FAC StG kit (which imho is nicer than the R1s, even if you had to buy Tapco's $25 Argentine barrel to go with it). The parts were clean and ready to go, and in so doing this I verified that the only thing missing were two retaining pins and the z-spring for the rear sight (not bad -- once the lower was assembled, the front-end parts were easy to verify).

I kinda like the StG stock, looks smoother than the humpback, even if it isn't as comfortable to shoot.

Hey Radio, buy another kit, c'mon, I'll buy some small spares off of you afterwards and you'll feel better about having spent the money ;)