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September 14, 2001, 02:52
What does everyone think is the best - i know it is subjective - reciever to build an AR on???

Thanks, John

September 14, 2001, 02:56
Bushmaster - Affordable, good quality, available.

September 14, 2001, 06:59
I have build on both Oly and DPMS, no real problems on either. I would vote for DPMS, just my 2.


September 14, 2001, 09:09
Ck out a "rock river arms" lower reciever fromweb page (http://www.gunsmokeinc.com) gunsmoke enterprise ($110). Great people to deal with! :D

September 14, 2001, 09:22


September 14, 2001, 10:12
I have used the Oly and Eagle Arms/Armalite. The Eagle Arms was far superior in fit and finish, but the Oly's went together without any problems, either. I would build off the Eagle Arms again, due to fit and finish. But I'm not going to get rid of my Oly's cause they are PRE BAN!!

September 14, 2001, 16:38
Best advice is buy upper and lower from a good company, as a matched set. If you order from Bushmaster (My favorite) ask them to match an upper and a lower for best fit. You will be amazed at how sloppy some fit, BUT, you will also be amazed at how well some fit! :D

Timber Wolf
September 14, 2001, 17:54
If I had known the ban was coming and the dang things would get valuable I would not have built ARs on those damn cheap "Essential Arms" lowers and "Nesard" uppers back in the day. Having said that, I now question the wisdom of building on cheap receivers altogether (Hesse, etc.). One thing I do not notice is color. I worry about how they shoot, not if they are pretty! Well, except for wood, I like my wood to look good.

September 14, 2001, 21:33
Thanks for the help... I think I will go with a RRA or Bushy depending on availability and who my smith usually buys from.. I was curious about those 90$ OLYs but figured the price was to good to be true..

Blue Skies, John

Jeffrey K Hampshire
September 14, 2001, 21:56
I have an excellant Oly complete rifle that I bought from Hootbro (thanks again, busted about 30 woodchucks with it so far :D ).

I built a model 1 kit on a stripped Oly lower from FAC for my son, finish was good although not quite as smooth as mine, everything went together perfectly and it has run without a bobble even using cheap steel cased russian ammo. So dont give up on Oly so quickly, they also have an excellant warranty.