View Full Version : Cutting and threding the barrel... who was that guy..

WJ-Polish Guy
September 13, 2001, 19:26
... offering realy nice prices for this service a while back? Anybody remember and can help me out with the info?... :)

Mosin Guy
September 13, 2001, 19:40
www.investmentgradefirearms.com (http://www.investmentgradefirearms.com) Enjoy!!!!

September 13, 2001, 20:04
And he does a GREAT job!!! :D

September 14, 2001, 19:51
Just got back my 18" Moses-brake, headspaced, upper and all my parkerized parts from him last night and I'll tell you what...after assembling, I'd say the park looks as good as my DSA StG58A...nice and even, uniform, medium grey.

Talked to him once over the phone and via e-mail a few times -- nice guy, very helpful...I highly recommend!


WJ-Polish Guy
September 14, 2001, 21:58
Thanx guys! :)