View Full Version : How to remove G1 flashhider

April 06, 2002, 17:53
Does it just twist, and pull off? Should you be able to do it by hand? Mine turns half a turn, then won't come off.

Jonnie G. Tyler
April 06, 2002, 18:14
"Ab" is off..."Auf" is on.

I would guess you are twisting too far in the off direction. I just tried it on mine and you can rotate too far.

Notice the "cut-out" in the back end of the f/s. It has to be on the bottom to clear the single lug on the barrel. So, 1/4-1/3rd turn and pull straight forward off the barrel.

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April 07, 2002, 11:21
That didn't work, for some reason, I still can't get it off.

April 07, 2002, 11:30
There are two types. Does yours have the pin?
If so, you need to rotate the pin off the FH and pull it forward, then twist to unlock and pull off.
If not, then you should just twist and pull off.

Jonnie G. Tyler
April 07, 2002, 12:14
Maybe lots of penatrating oil and a BFH. :eek:

Isn't this an approved WECSOG method? ;)

Or maybe go with brake cleaner to flush out old cosmoline first and then penatrating oil.

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April 07, 2002, 16:54
Mine wouldn't come off naturally either.

That loopy-springy-thing was busted on mine. All there was, was a pin through the sheet-metal clippy-thingy. I drove the pin out. Then I jammed a big flathead screwdriver unde the end of the clippy-thing and pried it up (without breaking it). This allowed the flash hider to rotate so as to permit its easy removal.

Proud of my accomplishment, I was fondling the muzzle-thingy and the clippy-thingy while I was watching the "Beth" scene in "Road Trip" where the college boy scores after the frat party. About then the clippy-thingy snapped on my thumb. YEEEEE-OWWWWCH!!!


April 07, 2002, 20:44
jeezus Gary, for the life of me I hope you have a desk job! As opposed to being a mechanic or something. :)

seriously though. I havent played with my FH's much but I have yet to get it on/off in what I would call a normal way. That is, with out a tool to pry the "springy thingy". I have removed the "clipy thingy" but it took another tool to put it back in. :(


April 07, 2002, 21:47
I used to be a "certified" auto mechanic back in '79. But there weren't any openings for mechanic jobs during the Carter recession (or folks just sized me up as a liability). http://jabot2000.homestead.com/files/emoticons/disappointed.gif So, I had to get a job as a roofer. That summer in the sun made a lasting impression on me. So, I got a much-needed haircut, http://jabot2000.homestead.com/files/emoticons/eek2.gif and I got my teenage butt back to Blacksburg. http://jabot2000.homestead.com/files/emoticons/peace1.gif