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September 13, 2001, 07:38
I recall someone back in time talking about cutting down the threaded section on a US Izzy HB muzzle brake so that it would install flush to the coupler without the jam nut. Unfortunatel, no matter how many searches and keywords I try, I cant find the thread. Has anyone done this? Did you put a spacer in ala the L1A1 to fill any gap? Pinned or soldered? Any help would be appreciated (ALSO, if there are any gunsmiths out there who have done this, feel free to quote me a price, I would rather pay for good work than screw it up myself) ;)

September 14, 2001, 14:13

September 14, 2001, 17:18
If you don't want to use a jam nut, just do the following.
1- Measure the thickness of the nut.
2- Remove that amount from the threaded end of the brake. Don't remove too much or you will change the timing.
If you are going to use a HB Bipod and coupler, I would pin both the coupler and the brake.
The only problem there is you cannot remove the bipod unless you alter the brake to allow removal.
I have some picks of my HB in the Review Section from a couple of weeks ago, it shows the Smith Brake nut removed and altered to allow the bipod to be removed. If you are interested in this I can take some better pics and try to post them or I can e-mail.
Let me know