View Full Version : New guy-trying to build an L1A1 and a para

April 06, 2002, 05:58
I am new to this group. But I have loved the FNFAL for a long time. I just got a LIAI kit and a metirc receiver b/c an inch pattern was difficult to get here. Everything is cleaned and I am refinishing the parts myself right now. i have many questions.

Is there an easy way to headspace?

I plan on using Clymer go/no go gague as part of the process. thanks.

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April 06, 2002, 07:29
do a search for "headspacing" in this forum. all the info you will need is all ready here in these pages.

April 06, 2002, 07:34
thanks for the post. One more question. Is it more difficult to buid a para from a kit and where can I get a para kit?