View Full Version : What I learned from my first blast/park experience....

September 11, 2001, 22:46
1. Sandblasting works MUCH better than naval jelly and scrubbies.

2. Beadblasting is too fine for metal.

3. Sandblasting is too course for plastic.

4. Always double-check the SS sheetrock mud pan will hold water BEFORE you blast all your parts and are ready to parkerize.

5. If, for some reason, your bolt carriers don't take the park and everything else does fine with exactly the same prep, wipe them down, spray them with brake parts cleaner, and park them again - BUT YOU WILL END UP WITH A STREAKED/SPOTTED FINISH.

6. Don't pick up a hot stainless steel pot with your bare hands.

7. See #4 above, and make up some new words.

8. Use a SS mixing bowl you bought from Wal-Mart to park everything you can jam in there, and pour the hot solution into the leaky mud pan with the bigger parts, hoping it doesn't leak out or cool before the park is done (don't forget #6!)

9. Re-fill the leaky mud pan with new hot park solution frequently, because you were hoping wrong.

10. Search the FAQ before asking any parkerizing questions (or ANY questions, for that matter), then marvel at the patience all the board members for explaining this to you YET ONE MORE TIME when you still have questions (special thanks to FNFreak, Dan@VOW, Gary.Jeter, and Red4)

Man this board is great! :D

September 11, 2001, 23:07