View Full Version : Suggestion to Ted & Gary

September 11, 2001, 20:59
No Flame, but....could you wait just a little longer before you move a topic to FAQ?

Quite often, this stops the potential additional comments cold and ends the thread.

I think we're losing a lot of constructive comments by moving these threads so quickly, because a lot of us don't add to the thread once it's in FAQ.


Bob Lloyd

September 11, 2001, 21:06
Man, Gary has a quicker trigger finger than I? I better get to work!

Seriously, I'm sure Gary will consider this (he moderates G/DIY). In our defense we usually (usually) leave a pointer in the originating Forum.

Thanks for the feedback.

September 12, 2001, 22:12
I don't think I've moved anything to the FAQ that wasn't at least 8 months old. Most were older than that. If I moved anything newer, it couldn't have been more than one or two posts.

That is, other than possibly one or two posts, nothing I've moved had received a new post in the past 8 months. I think where you may be getting confused as to the vintage of the post is by the fact that when I move the post, my announcement of having done so bumps it to the top just before the move locks it.

I can tell you, folks just aint diggin into months-old posts to post a pithy follow-up.

Now, I have BTT'd (and not moved) a bunch of old posts that I thought were relevant to current discussions. And many of those posts did get some fresh replies. They won't be moved or killed until they filter down to the point of being 8 - 10 months stale again.

We have to cull or move old posts if we want the search function to work. Hardware and software upgrades, coupled with aggressive pruning are keeping this site online.

By the time a post reaches the 50th page, it WILL be in my crosshairs. If you have a nugget that is getting near page 50, just give it a BTT to keep it off my radar.