View Full Version : WECSOG Blood Drive

Viking Warrior
September 11, 2001, 18:26
To all those who have shed blood building a FAL, They have a blood shortage due to the cowardly attack on the east coast. If you can please donate blood.
GOD Bless America...

September 11, 2001, 18:47
Was going to go down to our Red Cross in Boise, but they are so overwhelmed with people donating blood, that you have to make an appointment for tomorrow or the next day.
What does that tell you?

September 11, 2001, 19:04
Do make an appointment.

stand watie
September 11, 2001, 21:34
the red cross announced on the local ABC TV station that NOBODY should show up to give blood for at least 72 hours!
there are SO MANY donors coming in that it is blocking up the system!
Americans are GREAT folks!
for dixie,sw :D :D

September 12, 2001, 11:20
I will be going down today in Phoenix. I would also ask everyone else to do the same...

September 12, 2001, 16:25
That is what makes America great!

September 12, 2001, 18:02
The major donor centers will set appointments.

September 12, 2001, 19:27
I am hoping that some pin-headed Arab cowards soon get to give blood, about eight pints a piece...