View Full Version : DSA floating handguards...keeps coming loose.

April 05, 2002, 22:43
I installed my aluminum DSA floating HG's and like the look. I have 2 questions:
1. How do you deal with the sheet metal retainer on the barrel that the original HG's fit into? I had to slide it forward on the barrel and it just flops back and forth under the HG's now.
2. Will these floating HG's ever be tight? I tightened the screws but it still came loose during shooting and would slide back and forth on the barrel. Can this be fixed?

April 06, 2002, 04:38
You need Loc-Tite for the screws; and,
Permex(sp?) RTV Black HIGH TEMP sealant from the auto store(it come's in tube,like toothpaste).
The Archives might still contain contain the info, with photos, but it's an older thread, so the photos might not come up.

Myself, I'd cut/dremel the handguard ring off, BUT the guy that did it not only used the RTV to secure the rear of the handguards, but pushed the retainer ring back into the goop, putting a bit more on to secure the ring. The High Temp one allows you to directly contact the barrel, and pump in all you want to secure it.

Once that RTV and Loc-Tite cures there shouldn't be any movement. ;)