View Full Version : Barrel Timing: Adhesive or No Adhesive?

April 05, 2002, 16:56
Is it a good idea to use an adhesive on your barrel threads when installing it? In the Gunplumber video, Mark recommends green loctite on the barrel, but Im thinking not only does this make the barrel very permanently attached, it doesnt give you much time to futz with timing alignment before it sets up.

How likely is a barrel to walk out of its grooves without any adhesive? What other non-permanent slow-drying options are there?

Many thanks, yet again.

April 05, 2002, 17:23
It will not walk out at all without adhesive. I think Mark just uses it to prevent "tampering" in case somone sends it back to him. To get it out of the loctite it has to be heated up, this would mess up the finish and would tell Mark that it was tampered with.

FAL guy
April 05, 2002, 18:25
I used a coper based anti seize compound and haven't had any problems yet

April 05, 2002, 22:06
If you use anti siez you can re-time if neccesary...

April 05, 2002, 23:10
Not all lock tite has to be heated to get it loose. I know the red stuff does. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on receiver wrences, barrel vices etc. I shaved the shoulder in order to reduce necessay torque and used red lock tite.

mr fixit
April 05, 2002, 23:20
What effect will lock tight or anti-seize have if you parkerize or use a bake on finish after the assembly?