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April 05, 2002, 13:10
I have an Indian manufactured lower receiver and I purchased a L1A1 plastic buttstock thinking that the buttstock would drop on to the receiver.
Well it doesn't and now I am trying to find a plastic buttstock that does.
Does anyone know where I can find one?? I already checked with TAPCO and they do not carry any. :(

Or would a plastic metric stock fit??
:confused: :confused:

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April 05, 2002, 13:59
What kind of upper receiver do you have? You might have an easier time finding a true inch lower, as the Indians seem to have gone off on independent ops with their FAL design. Others know more than I do about the Indian issues.


April 05, 2002, 16:06
I have an Indian lower and used an STG-58 butt stock on it. The only mod was to lengthen the recess (in the stock) where the lower receiver tang fits. Pretty easy mod. with your trusty Dremel.

Jim Z

April 05, 2002, 21:11
Thanks jimmieZ :D

That's the information I am looking for!