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Jonnie G. Tyler
April 04, 2002, 22:53
This question may have been addressed already but I tried a search and couldn't come up with anything, so here goes:

What is the difference between the DSA and FSE t,h,s sets? As much as everyone raves about the FSE parts, then surely the DSA peices are not twice as good (as the price would lead one to think) or one would hear more about them.

I thought on a recent thread, I now can't locate, someone alluded that the FSE is a two stage design and the DSA is a single stage type.

I like the price on the FSE and that they get such good reviews. A two stage design would be icing on the cake, I prefer two stage triggers.

But it boils down to; What's the difference?


April 05, 2002, 10:38
Well...the big difference is that the DSA stuff costs more...you noticed that already.

The FSE stuff is marked made in USA...which is nice.

FSE has had some problems...but they will stand behind the products if you have problems.

I never had any trouble with DSA stuff...but would probably try FSE if I were to build another FAL.

Edited to add they are functionally equivalent...both single-stage.

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Jonnie G. Tyler
April 05, 2002, 14:03
Thanks Stimpy,

I just couldn't see how the DSA could be worth the extra $$$$ and nobody was talking about them. ;)

April 05, 2002, 14:13
DSA used to be the ONLY source for drop-in fit fire control parts and charged accordingly. Also, there used to be order backlogs for their $90 sets. FSE sort of fixed that situation. Both are excellent sets. FSE had some issues that seem to have been ironed out (promptly and professionally, by the way).

I don't think DSA minds that they are selling fewer H/T/S sets, as their price is still $90.


April 05, 2002, 21:48
Yeah I wish I had posted this question before I bought my DSA parts. I haven't tried the First Sons HTS but I can say this about the DSA HTS: not worth the dough. They look nice and will probably hold up to many hundreds of rounds but here are my major complaints:
1. Price, obviously. They are way too expensive as surely DSA has recouped their tooling costs on these by now.
2. Nowhere do they indicate "Made in USA". The reason I bought these in the first place was to be compliant and the only way to prove their origin is the receipt. Pretty stupid.
3. The shape of the trigger where your finger wraps around it is not comfortable. The edges need to be rounded with a dremmel in order to be comfortable for long shooting sessions.
4. The mating surfaces of the sear and hammer is rough. Trigger pull is too gritty and it's not an easy thing to polish smooth.

My advice is to load up on the other US parts and keep your original HTS. Certainly don't waste your money on the DSA parts.