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K. Funk
September 09, 2001, 20:20
I need a little re-assurance that I am going down the right road. First a little background:

I had a non-FAL smithy put together and L1A1 back around 92-93. I always suspected that it was overtimed because it shot way right and there was barely enough sight travel to adjust. Today I take her apart to see that barrel is visibly overtimed. To my horror, barrel unscrewed with VERY little effort. Barrel now hand tightens to about 11:55 and goes to 1:00 with little effort. Breeching washer is .058(5). If I understand archived posts, I have several options.

1) Peen barrel shoulder.
2) Peen Breeching washer on mandrel
3) shim

To me shimming seems simplest. Any thoughts or other options?

Another thought: The two metrics I built myself work fine. The two I had built for me-nothing but trouble. hmmm.



September 09, 2001, 20:37
Breeching washers come in different sizes.
Just get a thicker breeching washer.

Mosin Guy
September 09, 2001, 20:37
Hey K. Funk,you can take a center punch and punch the barrel shoulder(The part that faces the receiver face) and center punch a series of punch marks all the way around the face of the barrel shoulder this will raise metal on the shoulder and with your breaching washer should give you enough material to make the barrel time up right,although you will have to try it to see if its enough,other wise you will need a thicher breaching washer.HTH

K. Funk
September 09, 2001, 21:19
A thicker washer is too obvious!! Based on formulas circulated on this board, I would need something on the order of .0585 + .0026 = .061. I'm not sure they come that thick. I figure before I spend the ten bucks or so, I 'd try to WECSOG up a solution. I tried to grind one out of a flat washer earlier today. After 15 minutes of grinding with a die grinder and carbide burr, I had the perfect washer, only too thin!! After I cussed and cursed, I noticed the sparks from the operation were flying onto (and into)a box with about 2 dozen quartersticks left over from the 4th :eek: . It must have been my lucky day.

September 09, 2001, 21:22
Both answers work. Peening is cheap.
As G_FAL said, breeching washers of a few larger sizes can be had. A .058 that you have can be replaced by up to a standard size of .060 and torqued down to spec. I do not know if the largest is needed, but it can easily be sanded to the needed size.
Peening ain't bad, but a larger breeching washer is more costly (about $10) and probably should have been used initially. Shims work, but the factory option would be a larger breeching washer. Your choice either way, decisions, decisions... :rolleyes:
I see you posted as I did. A .061 can be found if you do a search. Jim contacted me a while back with larger than the .060, I believe he had up to .062. As you probably already figured, headspace will also change. Some lesser gunsmiths make anything work, the board smiths do things right. Do a search for oversize breeching washers, and you will find good info. :)

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