View Full Version : Braized short gas tube

September 09, 2001, 01:01
Friend of mine has a Century/Imbel STG with the short gas tube braized on. He has had it out several times but gun finally went south...i.e. stuck bolt in chamber. He purchased gun with gas setting completely closed. I seem to remember reading that maybe the tube was tightened (past the point were pin engages thus aligning gas holes vis block and tube) then braized. I told him I could check for fouling and all other associated checks. How difficult is it to replace braized short tube with long tube????
Very much TIA.

Derby FALs
September 09, 2001, 11:46
Do believe you need a 'Chicken Mitt' for that one.


That tube is going to get hot. You should be able to heat it till it's dull red and unscrew it. It may have been soldered with lower temp solder but probably not.

Absolutely no way to free the bolt? Tried bouncing the butt and putting pressure on the charging handle at the same time?