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September 08, 2001, 23:36
I am looking for a pistol grip that has an angle more like that of an ar-15, something more straight up and down. I have seen the ergo-grip and it looks like its not too bad. does anybody know of any other company that makes a grip that doesn't seem to sweep back quite as far?

Tec 9
September 09, 2001, 00:01
I've seen genuine FAL grips modified to fir an AK, so I imagine you could go the other way. At $5 for a US AK grip, it'd certainly be a cheap experiment.

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September 09, 2001, 01:20
I modified an AR grip for my SAR2, so you could probably do one for the FAL. I don’t know of anyone making one though.
Necessity is the mother of invention.

Dan at VOW
September 09, 2001, 18:56
Here is what the G3 style grip looks like mounted on a rifle. I have these in stock. HTH,Dan.

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