View Full Version : Best Aluminium refinish ?

September 08, 2001, 21:44
What is the best way to refinish aluminium -spcifically mags - dont want to use paint would prefer a parkerized type of finish -guess it would have to be something of the "bake on " variety ? What sort of surface prep is needed etc ... opinions advice ?

September 08, 2001, 21:48
MilSpec hard-plating, a la M-16, resembles parkerizing.

September 08, 2001, 21:51
Who does it or is it a home do -able thing ?

September 08, 2001, 21:54
You might ttry Jim at PMC plating (he posts here). A WTB (service) ad might also help. Or keep this ^btt for a few days. I do not believe the preocess is a DIY thing. But I'm not WECSOG qualified either!

September 10, 2001, 08:56
We can apply our Tuff-Gun finish to mags, Aluminum or steel. The steel ones are first Parekerized, then Molly coated. The Aluminum ones are first given a soak in a Mil-Spec Surface Fusion chemical bath to seal and prep the surface, the Molly coated. The final finish looks the same. Stainless gets a sinmilar chemical bath treatment. Mac.
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Mfg Eng
September 10, 2001, 11:15
Hard coat anodize by a plating house,
I would recommend black zinc chromate
PPG Industries DPE1538

Use appropriate mechanical cleaning (sand blast) and chemical cleaning (see what the auto paint shop has where you get the paint).

Zinc chromate is extensively used on aluminum (and steel) on aircraft and stands up very well. Usually it is yellow, and the black is very flat.

September 10, 2001, 12:17
Mac did a magazine for me as part of a camo-furniture project.

The "paint" on the mag seems very tough and scratch resistant.