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September 08, 2001, 17:53
I have 2 Williams receivers. I tried 6 locking sholders, some new, some used. On 1 receiver all locking shoulders can be pushed in by hand, some all the way! The other receiver is not as loose but not tight either. MY QUESTION: Should I send these back? :confused:

September 08, 2001, 20:50
I cannot say yes to you.
One of mine accepted the LS easily with no pressure, the other required slight pressure, but I wanted more than this to hold it.
Spiral fab, Brad (at gunthings) and others list over size LS (shaft size), but my thinking is, adapting to a new build should only require so much. I sent my 2 back. I have heard that some say "a real gunsmith could accept and make'em work", but I disagree (I am not a real gunsmith). I have a good selection of LS, yet all of mine were loose. Williams accepted this, and altho I hated sending mine back, I did.

SO, SHOULD YOU SEND THESE BACK (the question), this is your call (A REAL GUNSMITH CAN MAKE ANYTHING WORK), but Dwight accepts that us lesser humans require tighter tolerances. So, do you want to make it work to save face, or do you want an in spec receiver?
Perfection is not easy. Williams accepts they made a booboo. They can write this off, can you?.
Again, regretfully, I sent mine back. They can and will do better. Even if a real gunsmith could make it work. Sorry for the smart as answer that an unknowing, lesser builder will offer. YMMV :rolleyes:
Dwight wants perfection, what do you want? :rolleyes:

Bruce Allen
September 08, 2001, 21:29
Locking shoulders come in 4 different sizes.

0 (zero) to 3. Each is several thousanths larger than the other.
Zero is .297, 1 is .2973 and I cannot remember 2, but 3 is about 299.

You might mike yours and see what it comes out to.

BTW - A correctly made receiver should use a 0 gauge. As a receive wears and if the headspace does change you can move up to the next size LS to correct the change.

Pesonally I would not keep a receiver that will not work with a 1 gauge LS when brand new.

Obviously the Aluminite receiver has not yet been perfected.

Blood of Tyrants
September 08, 2001, 21:46
A WESCOG way to tighten it up is to put a bit of aluminum foil around the end of the LS and pound it in. :D

September 08, 2001, 22:00
By all means send them back.

Dwight is trying to get this situation sorted out. Your not doing yourself or him any favors by holding onto a defective part.

September 09, 2001, 06:06
Originally posted by Blood of Tyrants:
<STRONG>A WESCOG way to tighten it up is to put a bit of aluminum foil around the end of the LS and pound it in. :D</STRONG>

This has been tried and didn't work.

A possible solution would be to find oversized in diameter locking shoulders, Jen may have some or Aussie's, and fit them to the receiver.

The problem is the hole in the cocking handle side of the receiver is .297 in diameter. That is the same size as the locking shoulder. Hence no pressed fit is possible with the standard diameter.

Vanden Berg
September 09, 2001, 07:14
I don't know about that "a real gunsmith can make anything work" deal.

If I had no choice, I'd most likely machine the LS hole out, press in a steel bushing, and then machine the ID of the newly installed bushing to accept the LS with the correct press fit. It can be done, but why?

With every repair comes the question of is it cost-effective (not to mention the aggrivation factor). You would spend several hours doing the above described modification. A replacement receiver is not worth that much (time, $$$$, pain). Add to that, the possibility of making trash out of receiver your trying to resurrect.

I think that the best advise I've read on this thread so far is to send it back. There is certainly no shame involved. It just makes good business sense.


Ed Vanden Berg

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Double G Gunsmithing
September 09, 2001, 12:07
Dear All,

I have spent alot of the last week with Dwight working on these QA / QC issues,
the vendor doing the anodizing, tooling etc.

Get ahold of Dwight, most likely Lori ( Dwight is a very busy 18hr a day guy )
return the rec's, and they will run you new one's with the same ser#, and then you can do a direct exchange, no FFL needed.

Dwight wants to make this right, so give him the chance. He and I both feel you should not have to "rework" a new rec when you get it.

They're running long days there, to meet demand, and keep the rework / replacement
exchange on track in a timely manner.

The rec's are made there, I've seen the CNC machines running and happening :-)

Sincerely, George L. Gouger
Life Member NRA Since 1969 www.doubleggunsmithing.com (http://www.doubleggunsmithing.com)