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September 08, 2001, 17:01
I know this is not FNFAL or L1A1 related, but while waiting for my Williams upper I thought you guys could point me in the right direction on another gunsmithing problem...

I have a Buckmark 5.5 Target (I also have a collection of early Smith & Wesson Model .41 target pistols - all pre 1964).

My trouble is that the Buckmark continues to have failure to fire. I get a definite strike on the case, but the round does not ignite. I have tried various ammo - from cheapy Walmart Federal by the Box to CCI Mini-Mag and Federal Gold Medal Match.

I started investigating - I don't believe it is the hammer spring as that feels like the hammer has plenty of push behind it.

I measured the nose of the firing pin. It measures about 20 thousandths while the pins in my 41s measure around 30 thousandths and the pin in my 10/22 measures 28 thousandths. This seems a probable place to start.

I haven't had the time to set up a fixture to check for overall projection yet, but that could also be a problem.

I picked this Buckmark up for almost nothing with an Aimpoint Comp that I wanted for another purpose. It seems to have been shot quite a bit from the wear evident on the bolt face and on the internal trigger surfaces, but I just wanted it to be shooter for the wife. I refuse to let her shoot it until I'm satisfied that it shows the reliability of which I know it to be capable.

I'm looking for suggestions in trouble shooting my problem and or tips in fabricating a replacement firing pin. I'm unsure what type of steel I should start with and if it should be hardened or not.

Thanks in advance...

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September 09, 2001, 14:00