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September 07, 2001, 16:37
Im trying to barrel L1A1 kits from Tapco, (2 kits and 2 recievers) 1 IMBEL reciever (inch) and 1 Hesse reciever.

here is the problem:
the barrel will only hand tighten to about 1 o'clock. at this point
the barrel inner face is coming into contact with the reciever, while the outer face is not even close to touching. This problem is the same on both barrels and on both recievers. I pulled out an old METRIC barrel and it hand tightens to 11 o'clock on both recievers perfectly (yes, even on the HESSE). I figure that the thread area of the L1A1 barrels is just a little longer then whats on a metric. Has anyone had a similar problem with the Aussie kits? Any suggestions how to get around this problem?? :confused:

Mike D.
September 07, 2001, 16:43
What size breaching washer are you using? :confused:

September 07, 2001, 16:48
Not trying to be a smart a**, but are you useing a breeching washer? could be your problem. could see problem with hesse but never had problem with an imbel, provided you have correct thickness breeching washer. Regards, Rick G.

September 07, 2001, 17:06
I never had to use one with the other Metric kits that I built. where do I get one? What sizes do I need? :eek:

Mosin Guy
September 07, 2001, 17:11
The Metric's are different in that they dont use breaching washers,only the Inch or L1A1 versions use the breaching washers to set the timing of the barrel to the receivers.HTH

September 07, 2001, 17:16
One should have came in your kit. doesn't always mean its the right size, so far mine have been thick enough to work. Brad at www.gunthings.com (http://www.gunthings.com) has them, check your parts to see if you overlooked it, about 1" dia.x few thousands " thick. Rick G.

September 07, 2001, 17:25
We really should have a little Homer Simpson face icon available that says "DOH"!! -

You where absolutly correct, I didnt even notice that little ring a the bottom of the bucket full of parts.

Problem solved, many thanks to all of you for you help. :D

September 07, 2001, 17:30
Hopefull it hand tightens to about 10:30 to 11:00 put some lok-tite on the threads & crunch it. Rick G. PS. don't forget to put your rear handgaurd ring on first.

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September 07, 2001, 21:34