View Full Version : Refinish question

April 03, 2002, 22:52
Can moly/teflon be usedover a rifle that has been parkerized for a while? I was thinking about doing a rifle in it, if all I need to do is clean off the oil and such.

Any experience out there?


April 03, 2002, 23:42
I've done this with success, but you'll have to scrub the heck out of it to get the grease out. I used HOT water and dish washing liquid on everything metal and then dried everything out in the oven. THEN I scrubbed it with alcohol for good measure.

April 04, 2002, 03:25
Sumo, I'm with tootech and nocompromise on this. It can be done but you need to degrease thoroughly. I boil the parts in a water/detergent solution followed by an industrial solvent like varsol. Please do wear a proper respirator when dealing with solvents (lacquer thinner, etc.) as they can do nasty things to you over time.

April 04, 2002, 19:50
Boy am i glad that i have a nice big ultrasonic cleaner to drop my parts in :D