View Full Version : Finally Finished my FAL

April 03, 2002, 20:18
After many trials and tribulations, I finally finished assembling my FAL.
Most of trials came from attempting to barrel the receiver without the right tools and from having to fit the US Hammer, Sear and Trigger (and pistol grip and follower) I purchased from FAC.

Fortunately, I started with two parts kits and two sets of US parts to compare and swap things in and out to see what part wasn't working. (Initially, ALL the US trigger parts weren't working.) Studying the problems gave me a greater understanding of how they all work.

Here's my web page with the details
<a href="http://mail.guns.ru/~joan/fal.htm">http://mail.guns.ru/~joan/fal.htm</a>

April 03, 2002, 21:22
Sounds like you have the makings of a real FALsmith.....don't forget to share all that experience and knowlege from time to time....orca ;)

April 03, 2002, 21:42
Bravo! :eek: :D Excellent website. Now THAT is what I call WECSOG!