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September 07, 2001, 16:29
I tried FAC for an inch, but they had no Imbels left. Only their "in house" manufactured ones. Any one know what quality these are? Since DSA doesn't make an inch (according to the person answering the phone), so I went to the Enterprise site. Damn, they look nice but $375.00 dealer cost? Any tips on who might have an Enterprise for less? Or any other suggestions for a quality inch type one receiver?

September 07, 2001, 16:32
Dwight at Williams Arms is doing an Inch. Contact him.

September 07, 2001, 23:36
Gary, I hope you are right, $300.00 for the receiver is steep. I can buy the whole rifle assembled for what they want for the parts in some places!! Come on distributers, you can do better! :mad: :rolleyes:

September 08, 2001, 13:03
Originally posted by gary.jeter:
<STRONG>....I refuse to pay over $300 for a post-ban FAL receiver.</STRONG>

Problem is, the Entreprise receiver is the only one made that matches the Canadian type 1 configuration. :(

If the Williams inch receiver works out then it will be a viable option, IMHO.

Now if Dwight goes/offers steel, well, all bets are off. The bottom should fall out of the receiver market. I really going to be broke. :eek:

September 08, 2001, 14:18
Originally posted by gary.jeter:
<STRONG>Bide your time.....I refuse to pay over $300 for a post-ban FAL receiver.</STRONG>


Famous last words!

BTW- I paid the toll for a stunning Inch reproduction externally indistinguishable from its parents (except for markings of course- stand-off scale). I think I got what I paid for.

The Entreprise L1A1 receiver is gorgeous, looks marvelously 'correct', and in the hands of a capable assembler will do quite nicely. I am not 'capable', so I sent mine out for the 'Black Beauty' treatment.

Time will tell! But I'm convinced I have a winner.

September 08, 2001, 18:53
FAC is expecting more inch type Imbels. Wait you will not be sorry.

I will NOT mess with the Olympic recievers --- you will be sorry...ask me how I know.


September 08, 2001, 22:01
After building 2 L1A1s on Entreprise inch and one Austrailian heavy barrel on an Entreprise inch, I quit.

After 3 STG-58s on Imbel, I am spoiled.

I am too dumb, and in too much of a hurry to deal with Entreprise mistakes.

September 08, 2001, 22:51
Hey Gary - just curious, why don't you want an aluminum receiver on your L1A1 kit?

September 09, 2001, 08:07
I built my first kit on a Enterprise inch recieiver and an awsome kit I got from FAC. I was amazed at how easy it was. Not one problem. I then built an Imbel kit using an Imbel receiver and had a few problems getting the barrel to time right.

September 09, 2001, 08:10
By the way, who really makes their recievers? Is it truely FAC or somebody else?

September 09, 2001, 08:53
My Entre'prise inch was not a problem.

I have not gotten any information on the configuration of the Williams inch receiver. It may be a duplicate of the early Type 1, inch but I do not know.

Entre'prise has the market cornered at this moment for inch receivers. The inch Imbel just looked like a metric cut to hold inch mags.

September 09, 2001, 09:57
I called FAC a couple weeks and the were already out of metric and only had a few inch left so I snagged a couple. I really dont need both so Iwas considering trading an inch for a metric strait across.

Double G Gunsmithing
September 09, 2001, 11:51
Dear All,

Entreprise at one time did have some QA / QC issues. Over a year ago, maybe two now, Lawrence took over the the mfg dept, and several other areas at Entreprise, and cleaned it up big time.

Lawrence and I exchanged alot of e-mail's and phone calls concerning these issues. He
did care about improving their quality down there, and they have.

I have built a whole lot of FAl / L1A1's using their rec's. I put together a couple of real cherry L1A1 kits,an ANZAC one from Rav @ Dealer's Warehouse, and a Brit kit from Michael Bonomo, and both have new Entreprise L1A1 rec's for them sitting in our vault :-)

Entreprise's L1A1 is worth the $$$. Buy it,
you will not be disappointed.

As far as vendors and rec costs, I'll add this. I have been a leadman, and production mfg in a number of machineshops over the years. As far as making money per hour on contract work vs money per hour making gunparts ? NO COMPARISON !! Gun parts don't even come close in value per hour.

Fire up a vert mill, and make your own some time ;-)

Sincerely, George L. Gouger
Life Member NRA Since 1969 www.doubleggunsmithing.com (http://www.doubleggunsmithing.com)