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September 05, 2001, 19:54
While playing, err studying, with my G1 on a Hesse, I've found that often when I insert a mag, the post on the bolt hold open would end-up under the tab on the back of the mag follower. I've tried FAL mags from four different sources, including a new one from Tapco. This makes it impossible (for me, anyway) to remove the magazine without unscrewing the pin/screw that holds it and the magazine catch in place. It's annoying. Any thoughts on which part is out of spec? I would just buy a new bolt hold open, but Tapco doesn't stock this small part. How long should the post on the bho be? I wonder if it is out of spec or if it's the Hesse ejector block.

Also, anyone know a quick way to clear this problem? If I ever get this rifle together, I want to find an easier way to fix this before I embarrass myself at the range by having to use a screwdriver when changing mags.

September 05, 2001, 19:59
It sounds like the pin is just too short, replace the pin with a longer one.

September 05, 2001, 20:20
The Hesse BHO bore-hole is frequently mis-located. As a consequence, you need a longer pin than 'standard'. Use drill rod, adjust the length as necessary.

September 05, 2001, 20:50
I don't need no steenkin' BHO!
I cut mine off (in anger) on my Hesse.

Actually, I learned a neat trick where I could stick my finger in through the ejection port, and push-down the forward edge of the follower while pushing up on the tab of the BHO. This usually got the pin to slip past the follower.

Although I will say it felt good to just rip the mag from the mag well when it was hung up for the umpteenth time. Costly?...yes. Worth it for mental health?...definitely.

Just like near-death experiences, everybody should have to suffer a Hesse-build at least once in his life.

Mosin Guy
September 05, 2001, 20:55
Hey Gary,I think thats called satisfaction..........LOL

September 05, 2001, 22:07
Thanks for the responses guys. I didn't realize the pin could come-out. I'll try to find something that will work.

Gary Jeter, I had already tried the method you described, but I still couldn't get the magazine out. Maybe, I just needed to use a hammer.

Yes, I agree everyone should build a FAL on a Hesse receiver. Like trying to build an AR on an Oly cast receiver, it is very educational experience. I had to remove a lot of material on the Hesse to get the BHO to fit in the hole. Had I known what I know now, I could have removed material from only the front of the hole so that it would seat further forward. Isn't that like rule #3 for WECSOG? "If I had known before..."

I just finished completely disassembling my lower and cleaning it up. My wife saw the pile of parts as I was cleaning, and she was very impressed that I got it all back together again. She's starting to believe that maybe I can work on guns without blowing my head off.

September 06, 2001, 13:28
I had the same problem with my Hesse build. After reading Gary's missadventure regarding his WECSOG Hesse/R1 build, I started pulling out the BHO from the three kits that I've got. Not all BHOs are made so that you can drive the pin out an additional .060. Of my three kits, R1, Imbel and G1, only the G1 could be modified this way. The other two seem to be the same that Gary described - not easy to remove the actuating pin and not drilled all the way through the BHO device body. After reading some other posts, I also bought a 3mm reamer and some 3mm drill stock to make a longer actuating pin when all the bugs are finally worked out. I'm still having some binding with mine BHO, which seems to be a result of some rough casting. Regardless, I finally got my locking shoulder, so I'm ready to fire this puppy. Good luck with yours.

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