View Full Version : Rustoleum textured finish

September 05, 2001, 19:30
Has anyone else used Rustoleum's Textured finish on hanguards or stocks. I sprayed my low budget Penguin stock with it. It came out very nice...doesn't go on as thick or rough as Bedliner...just wondering how durable it will be.

Derby FALs
September 06, 2001, 17:25
I used some on STG handguards and it looks similar to the powder-coat ones from DSA. So far ir is wearing quite well. Gives a nice feel to the grip also.

September 06, 2001, 18:15
Watch out what sort of solvents contact it, I've used some on my motorcycle only to find that it didn't like gasoline, carb spray, brake fluid, or motor oil.